6/14, 6/16 - EW Trials, Bottom Dollar Trading [Champion, OH]

Sharing this! Vintage in NE Ohio. Updated 5/22 with more information below.

Just added to the EW 2019 calendar, 2 Vintage Trials at Bottom Dollar Trading Cards!


Hi folks. There is a shop here in Champion, OH called Bottom Dollar Trading Cards.

They are holding Vintage EW trials on 6/14, starting at 6PM and 6/16, starting at Noon. EW Trials are open to all players. This event will be run with Competitive REL and decklists are required. Rounds will be commensurate with the number of players, with a cut to T8 if 9 or more players. We need to get 8 people per event to fire.

I am not an employee nor do I have any interest in the shop, I'm simply working with the shop to put this on. The primary thing is to get some byes for locals, since most of all the trials are on the East Coast.

With that in mind, the tentative plan is $10 entry w/ no prize payout. With the minimum 8, it basically just covers the cost the shop has to pay to Card Titan, so you are just paying for the chance at a bye. If there is an unexpectedly high turn out, there may be additional payout.

*** Update: A generous community member has donated prize support for the Trials. An additional $50 will be added to the prize pool, PER EVENT!! ***

Let me know if you have questions or need any other info, will do my best to help.
5199 Mahoning Ave
Building A
Warren, OH 44483

Post here if you are coming or interested, for possible car pool action.

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*** Update: A generous community member has donated prize support for the Trials. An additional $50 will be added to the prize pool, PER EVENT!! ***

considering driving 7 hours from chicago for a chance at EW byes. I assume given the prize including byes that this is sanctioned, no proxies?

Yes, these events are sanctioned events! No proxies.

looks like I can actually do these. not making that round trip twice in a weekend though. Is there a cheap motel in town, or failing that a couch I could crash on?

definitely open to carpooling with anyone coming through chicago or from somewhere I would pass through from chicago to the event. coming down friday afternoon/leaving sunday evening.

if anyone going to this has modern horizons singles(green force, Hogaak, shenanigans) to sell, trade, or lend for the even please let me know; preorders won't ship til the day of. I'll pick them up from the store running the event if they have them but I don't expect them to be opening enough product to necessarily have playsets of rares.

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to confirm, is this vancouver or london mulligan? i heard something about organizers being able to run london if they want.

Trials are Vancouver Mulligan, with MH1 legal in all formats on 6/14.

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