I'm going to be entering the Vintage format in the near future and was looking at picking up Oath as my first deck. However, I was wondering what were people's thoughts on its current position in the meta and also general thoughts on the deck overall. There does not seem to be a whole lot of current discussion about the deck on here.

In my opinion, Oath is in a terrible place. The top decks (PO, Xerox, Shops) all out perform the deck in almost every facet. PO is faster, Xerox is more consistent in executing its game plan, Shops is to Aggro for the deck, in its current manifestation, to handle. As you are new to the format, I would suggest picking another archetype to start on.

There are a few reasons why I've decided to start with Oath. First I don't have the funds to acquire all of the expensive cards for Shops or PO and I am already at the limit for proxies for local events. While I pretty much have all the big ticket items for Xerox the deck is really not my preferred playstyle. Additionally since I'm going to be new to the format I figured playing a more proactive strategy is probably a better choice. Finally I just think that Oath looks like a fun archetype to pilot and I don't really mind that it is not tier 1 if I still have fun playing it.

I think Oath will always be a good choice for Vintage. I hadn't played in four months and went 4-1 in league with it. I also played it in a challenge this weekend and went 3-3. I couldn't say that I was disappointed with the decks performance, or that it wasn't a good choice to play.

I have some ideas for the deck in the current meta, so I will test them out. If I find something that works well and put up results, I will post the deck and write about it. I should also be streaming within the next couple weeks, so once I get that going you can count on seeing Oath getting played.

Also, if you have any questions about playing the deck you can message me or make a post and someone will answer.

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I wouldn't worry too much. Oath as a strategy is always something decks have to respect, and it has the ability to Vintage with the best of them. There's a reason it's been a mainstay in any Vintage metagame for many years.

Be creative. I always have an oath deck built and I will play many flavors of the deck from PO to BUG to Infernal Titan. You may find that experimenting with Oath will give you a big edge over others strategies in the format.

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What I find when I play Oath is the lack of consistency. While trying to assemble your two card combo, the deck is smashed by faster and more consistent decks (Shop, Xerox and PO). Is the solution running the full cantrip suite as well as Sylvan Librarys or Sensei's Divining Top?

@pugsuperstar the new narset is great in oath as it allows a pseudo dig through time effect whilst slowing Xerox cantrips. You can refer to the narset thread for specific discussion to its benefits.

Potentially it can also diminish the need for playing B and demonic tutor making the mana base a strict RUG.

@nba84 Narset you throw your creature to the bottom 3 cards if she find it, though. Don't know if that's OK or not.

@fsecco the fact that she puts them in a random order notable, yes. with Dig in oath I've heard of people digging so that they know that the last creature isn't the bottom card, having 4 cards below it if they want. activating narset does have a chance of bottom 3-ing a creature, but if that's your only creature there was already an almost identical chance of it being there.

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@blindtherapy hum, I disagree it's the same though. You activate Narset and if she hits your only creature suddenly you can't Oath anymore. That's my point. Of course the opposite is true: if you don't hit your creature you can Oath knowing the bottom 3 are safe. So it's hard to evaluate 🙂

if preordain can be played in oath decks then bottoming creatures isn't the end of the world that often

@blindtherapy with Preordain you can 100% guarantee the creature won't be the last card. But anyway, I guess testing Narset to see how frequently this comes up is important.

@fsecco Gaea's Blessing has been played extensively before to mitigate this problem.

I am aware that in a hypothetical scenario you might see both Blessing and a creature and have to bottom both.

I personally take those chances.

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