I should broadcast my first stream tonight

I've been interested in streaming Vintage for quite a while now. I haven't played in about four months, but I am pretty interested in some of the new cards from War of the Spark. Tonight will be more of a test stream to get familiar with streaming on Twitch. Provided I set up everything properly I will go live when I have it all figured out. There won't be a face cam or sound at this time, but it is likely in the near future.

I will probably play a Jeskai control and an Oath list of some sorts. I like to play most decks in Vintage, so I will try to play a variety of decks. My twitch user name is jimtosetti. Come hang out if you see me streaming!

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@JimTosetti Do you know roughly when you will be streaming tonight? I will try my best to check you out. Also if you decide to continue streaming you should contact @briba20 @IamActuallyLvL1 and @ChubbyRain about joining their streaming discord to help you get more viewers ☺ I am happy always happy to have more content so thank you!

It should be within the next hour or two. I will probably stream every night at least a league or two. I'm just watching some tutorials and sorting out the configurations at the moment. As soon as that is done and I run a test I will go live.

This may not happen today. I'm having some technical issues, but I am trying to work through them.

After some technical issues the stream finally fired. However, there are still a lot of issues to work out. I will fix everything and let everyone know when I will be able to stream again. Hopefully in the next few days. Thanks for hanging out.

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