Moving to the New Haven area and looking for a regular spot. I'll be near Waterbury and much closer to NYSE, but I'm hoping for something monthly. Really going to miss Gaming Etc. in Mass.

Any suggestions?

Aw man, gonna miss chatting with you and playing against your brews. Best of luck in CT!

Just poking around here, I see this upcoming event in Norwalk, CT on Friday May 3rd. Not sure if they run events regularly or not, but seems a place to start. Looks like there's more on Long Island, too, if you poke around the tournaments section.

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There is Vintage on the Island; if you feel like making the trek, let me know.


Thanks, I'm gonna miss playing/chatting with you, too! It's always a pleasure. Hopefully I can make it out to Gaming Etc. now and again when I'm in the area.

Norwalk is a great suggestion--that's only about 10 minutes longer than my current drive to Acton.


Thanks, I'd love to make it out there to play some games and talk Workshops with one of the pre-eminent disciples of Mishra (I use your lists and posts all the time for Stax inspiration). I may be able to make it to the NYSE for the first time this year. I've been dying to go for ages.

@zias Thank you for the kind words.

I meant it; keep me in the loop. If I can be a help, I will.


Thank you, I really appreciate that. I absolutely will.

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