05/25/2019 - Hunt Valley, MD - Alternate Worlds - NYSE Open VI Qualifier - Max 15 Proxy/Playtest Cards

The NYSE Open is one of the most lucrative and illustrious tournaments for the Vintage community.

Held in New York each time, this tournament typically takes place during the summer months and brings people from many surrounding states.

Every year, the NYSE Open produces one of the most generous payouts on this side of the world, giving away multiple pieces of power and several Vintage format staples as prizes to top finishers!

However, there are only so many spots available for this event.

How would you like to secure your spot to such a lucrative tournament?

Alternate Worlds is hosting a NYSE Qualifier for the NYSE VI Open in July on May 25th.

Here are the details in a convenient format:
Date: May 25th, 2019
Format: Vintage, maximum 15 proxies allowed.
-Proxy guidelines will follow the NYSE guidelines and is detailed below.
Duration: Swiss rounds based on attendance with cut to Top 4 or 8 as required.
Location: Alternate Worlds - 10854 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Time: 10:30AM Registration, 11AM Start
Cost: $30
Head Judge: Ben Pollin
-Entry into the NYSE for the winner.
-Store credit based on attendance and awarded to top finishers.

Proxy Guidelines (as per NYSE Open VI Rules):
"Most everyone on these forums knows what a proxy is. A proxy, for the N.Y.S.E. Open, will be defined as the following:
A Magic: the Gathering card with the full name, card type (instant, sorcery, land, artifact, creature, enchantment, planeswalker), full mana cost and text clearly displayed. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Using a Sharpie, not pen or pencil, to fill in the required text on a card where it can clearly be read. Revised lands are excellent for this, new commons and uncommons aren't usually, as they're darker, and far tougher to read.

  2. Using acetone to remove certain text from a card that's close to the intended proxy (i.e. Lotus Bloom, with certain words removed to proxy a Black Lotus, Ancestral Visions with certain words removed to proxy an Ancestral Recall).
    Take pride in your proxies! Your opponents should know at all times what your proxies are.

Using 15 Swamps to make your proxies is a bad idea, as it's going to create confusion. If you're proxying Moxen, please use a land from each appropriate color to make a proxy for each according Mox (i.e., your Mox Sapphire is on an Island, your Mox Jet is on a Swamp, your Mox Pearl is on a Plains, etc.).
Please use your best judgment when creating your proxies; we know what will and what won't be easily recognizable.

Your opponents should not ever be at a disadvantage because you don't own the cards. There is nothing wrong with using proxies as you slowly pick up the cards that you need to play Vintage, but please consider your opponents while you're making them, as we're out to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. One of my favorite aspects of the Vintage community is that we look out for each other, whether it's constant vigilance to counter potential thievery, or the day to day stuff that mostly goes unnoticed. Let's all do what we can to make this event as special as we can for our fellow aficionados of Magic's greatest format.

If you're worried that your proxies may not pass muster, please speak to the head judge of the event before the event starts. Leave enough time to create new proxies, if necessary.

Using paper printouts of card faces and gluing them to cards is not acceptable! This alters the thickness of the cards, making the cards marked for all intents and purposes. Please don't do this, as the judges will be instructed to consider these as marked cards, and enforce punishment according to DCI Competitive REL event regulations!"

Link to the NYSE Qualifier Facebook event is below:

Link to the NYSE VI Open Event is below:

Please let the store know at altworldstore@comcast.net if you have any questions.

Make note that Alternate Worlds' regularly scheduled monthly vintage event will be held the day before, so come early and get some last minute testing in beforehand. Details on this event will be in a separate post.

Additionally, this event is also two weeks away from the advertised SCG Con Power 9 series event held in Roanoke, VA, so it will be a great opportunity to get some additional practice for that event as well!

Less than a week to go for our NYSE Qualifier event.

Come on out and earn your entry into one of the biggest Vintage events of the Summer!

Please make note that if you intend to play with proxies/playtest cards for this event, then review the particular proxy/playtest card requirements as defined by the NYSE Proxy/Playtest Card Guidelines.

See you Saturday!

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