Flux Channeler
Creature - Human Wizard
Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, proliferate.

So I saw Evolution Sage got his own thread (and nobody commented on the card there), but why is THIS guy not getting any love? A land/fetch a turn ticking up planeswalkers is decent, but we have Git Probe, Gush, a billion 1 cmc cantrips, moxen, etc. This guy should be able to hit play and next turn ultimate any walker you drop at 4-5 mana. Teferi Hero, Kiora, or any fast drop PW could hit and generate an emblem easily with this dude.

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I think this card is a win more. You need this, a PWer in play that has a good ultimate and then on top of that you need to cast a bunch of non-creature spells. If it was at 1 or 2 then sure, it would fit a curve better for a PWer control list, but it’s a 3 drop competing with now half a dozen powerful planes walkers.

there are things other than planeswalkers that can be proliferated, though I'm not sure if pentad prism is vintage playable

@blindtherapy said in [WAR] Flux Channeler:

there are things other than planeswalkers that can be proliferated, though I'm not sure if pentad prism is vintage playable

Gemstone Mine is a card that benefits from the proliferate mechanic. There could be some weird tech with cards like Tanglewire or Smokestack.

You can also use proliferate on your opponents’ permanents. Mystic Remora and Chalice of the Void are a couple examples of cards against which that option could be relevant.

Nothing terribly exciting, but just some possible interactions to keep in mind if the right proliferate card comes along.

gemstone mine with proliferate becomes marginally better than just playing a city of brass/mana confluence/etc, so I feel it's likely to be an incidental thing.
the artifact creature package of shops(ravager, ballista, hangarback, overseer) would like the proliferate effect but not this card, and if throne of geth doesn't make the cut for them I'm not sure what would.

Storage lands also exist, but seem very bad when not playing them with this. coalition relic. Crystalline Crawler, druid's repository, morselhoarder, and gemstone array do the same thing as pentad prism but for more mana. Iceberg only makes colorless but pitches to force. mana cache is worse than the other options. rasputin lol. runaway steam-kin. workhorse. a lot of things that make mana when you proliferate. i suppose this could do silly things with steam-kin in standard.

This guy into tezz 2.0 into a bunch of moxen is gg. Interesting.

Probably the best things you can use proliferate on are poison counters, Magister's Scepter and storage lands like Calciform Pools. Still not that great.

EDIT: outside of PWs, of course.

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