Hi everybody,

I've been in contact with Magic Bazaar for many months, trying to know WHEN and where will EWE Europe will take place this year.
The only answers i've got are : " we're in contact with WotC, but still have no news for that event..."
It seems like we won't see our North America champion fly to Europe as he was supposed to be.
If someone has any news, please let me know !

Basically there are no news.
I had multiple people try to reach out to them, even NA Champion, Brian Coval, which has won a paid trip, none got any reply.
The only thing that closely resembles an answer was given when someone on Reddit claimed to be in contact with BoM and that they had said to him that there would have been no EWEU. BoM staff member in charge of it assured they were still dealing with WotC.
I wonder what they might have to talk with WotC about, there have already been trials for NAEW and it's usually announced months in advance, tbh I really hope we could get a different TO doing it.

As I usualy tell everyone asking, just come to Nebraska's War which it's been THE Eternal event in EU for recent years.

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Nebraska war in Lucca was fantastic...

" We're still discussing with WotC " ; 4/23/2019 last answer from Magic Bazar that was supposed to organize the event.

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