Last minute heads up - ELD Vintage Open is tomorrow, April 20th. I'll get the next ELD Open up here soon (it'll be late May), but I hope some of you can make it out! I announced it on Facebook a month ago, but dropped the ball getting on TMD. Hope to see you there.

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The ELD Vintage Open returns to ELD's Time Vault Games! 15 proxies allowed.
Every ELD Opens features:

Fabulous Guaranteed Prizes
100% Of Entry Fees Given Out To Players
A limited edition collectible pin FOR ALL PLAYERS! (not from prize pool)
A One-Of-A-Kind Custom Leather Playmat For Our Champion! (in addition to the 100% payout!)

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Format: Vintage
Entry: $30
When: April 20th – doors open at 10 am | event begins at noon.
Where: 15 North Main Street Suite B-4 Bellingham, MA
Prizes: 100% of all entries will be given out as prizes.

Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8

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Hope to see you all there!