8 June - Bologna, Italy - 4 Seasons Spring

After the success of the previous stop, Vintage is here to stay as part of the 4 Seasons Series.

ARCI Benassi
Viale Sergio Cavina 4
40139, Bologna, Italy

Details can be found on website and facebook and event. 15 proxies (playtest cards) allowed.
With no news if we're even having an EWEU you might want to take a quick trip to Bologna for some Vintage action, also Legacy on Sunday is quite big thus you'll be able to satisfy all your Eternal needs.
Feel free to ask me or the TOs for any logistic help.

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I would love to come, both for playing vintage, visiting Bologna, meeting italian people and eat and drink !
Sadly, i cannot choose my dates of holidays and will not be able to be there...
Hope you'll post a report for all of us that won't be able to visit you.
Kind regards,

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