4/14/19 - Eudo Vintage EW Qualifier

We had 9 awesome players show up today to duke it out. It was 5 rounds of swiss + top 4.
Top 4:

3rd/4th Pitch Dredge

George (@Chronatog ) 3-0-2 in Swiss ($50 or $65)

5th Pitch Dredge

Me (@Rat3dE) 3-2 in Swiss (A Broken Heart)

I had a lot of fun today, and I am sure others did to. We had some very powerful wizards come out to play today including the indomitable Cyrus Corman - Gill (@CyrusCG ), and the handsome Matt Sperling. As some of you may have noticed Alex Kibner's decklist does not have 60 cards in it and that is due to him making some decklist errors and I do not know the correct decklist. I can post pictures of all decklist if wanted but I already stayed up late enough doing this, so I will consider it tomorrow.

Below is the metagame breakdown:
2 Pitch Dredge (22%)

1 Ravager Shops (11%)
1 Azorius Eldrazi and Taxes (11%)
1 Jeskai Xerox (11%)
1 Esper PO Storm (11%)
1 Bant Sylvan PO (11%)
1 Sultai Midrange (11%)
1 Azorius Landstill (11%)

Hope we can have some more people come out next time! If you have any questions or I made a mistake let me know.

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Just wanted to let everybody know that I have updated the original post with pictures of all the updates linked to the appropriate archetype. Enjoy!

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