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This feels like a very spicy inclusion.

  • For 2 mana lets you cast Hypergensis/Restore balance/Living end/Ancestral visions from the yard
  • For 3 mana lets you cast Ancestral/Bolt and Ponder/Preordain/Ancestral Visions. Combos well with Filtering cards like Faithless looting.
  • For 4 mana lets you timewalk and something else
  • Triggers Phoenixes at any mana cost as long as you cast 2 spells with it

With this, the "freecaster" mage, and cards like as foretold already around, the "costless" spells are looking nicer and nicer.

Hypergenesis is probably just too risky in today's vintage, but visions and balance and wheel are intriguing.

Kind of seeing why they decided to print Lavinia and it wasn't to destroy Vintage as we know it..

I like how they are exploring the "cast for free" and put a potential hoser in the set before those cards were printed (as opposed to after).

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