God-Eternal Kefnet
Legendary Creature - Zombie God

You may reveal the first card you draw each turn as you draw it. Whenever you reveal an instant or sorcery card this way, copy that card and you may cast the copy. That copy costs 2 less to cast.

When God-Eternal Kefnet dies or is put into exile from the battlefield, you may put it into it's owner's library third from the top.

This seems kind of strong to me. It's the price of Jace, but is a 4/5 flier and lets you copy any instant/sorcery off the top. Upkeep, mystical tutor for ancestral? Walk? Gifts? Costs 2 less for the copy too. Seems good.

Kefnet + JTMS + Ancestral / Time Walk.

@theactualsaturn said in [WAR] God-Eternal Kefnet:

Kefnet + JTMS + Ancestral / Time Walk.

Sounds like three wishes already resolved 🙂

Kefnet reminds me a bit of Kess. But it has the better mana requirements, a bigger body, the cost reduction part and it doesn't remove the used spells . Both just function under certain conditions (instant/sorcery on top/graveyard). So Kefnet seem to be a clear improvement. And while Kess just randomly saw play, I could see this appear a bit more often.

A deck like Grixis Control has ~25 instants and sorceries of which ~8 are counters, so only 18 of your 60 cards (30%) profitably trigger Kefnet. By contrast, you’ll almost always have a spell in your graveyard. It’s gonna take some effort to get more value out of this than you get from Kess. So if you have to spend cards like Brainstorm or Mystical to make Kefnet good, wouldn’t you rather play a card that’s good on its own?

Very true, thanks for clearing this up. To complete the picture we have to add that Kess doesn't have synergy with other graveyards based spells (Snapcaster, Yawgmoth's Will, the delve ones ...), but you are right: It is easier to use the Kess effect.

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