that's a hell of a payoff mode and a really bad default mode. if it said 2 basics or 2 forests to hand it would be ok but 2 basic forests is 2 more than most vintage decks have, and 1 more than most green decks. what nissas are remotely playable?

I'd start by asking what 3 lands you'd want to put in your hand on turn 4 and later.

Depths, stage, urborg, karakas (maybe strip).

You could get LoA + 2 lands and put yourself in CA mode easily with this one card.

If this was GG - search 3 lands it would probably only just be playable in some lists because of the restrictive casting cost. Needing Nissa kills this 100%. I don't think any of them are playable on any level in vintage even if the payoff is this.

@protoaddict Agreed. I don't think it'd be playable even if it put the 3 lands directly in play and untapped with Nissa.

@blindtherapy said in [WAR] Nissa's Triumph:

what nissas are remotely playable?

The UG one is remotely playable.

I doubt this would see play, but did want to note that Nissa, Steward of Elements is fringe playable, so it would turn this on in some kind of deck that could abuse her. Maybe a Bant humans list with Nissa + this. Just a thought.

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