[WAR] Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

This card is sweet. This set has so many goodies!

The -2 can also turn a Mox into a Mentor or Pyromancer, doubling your token production skills. But making a Mox turn into a haste Blightsteel can also be cool. This is great. I disagree it's plain better than Pyromancer though since is costs 1 more.

Wow this thing is brutal to get off the table, especially when it’s churning out blockers.

Main deck pyroblast for all!!!

Hmm the passive effect is clearly playable at two mana, and almost certainly playable at three mana with more flexible color requirements as well.

Being a Planeswalker is a boon in some matchups (the control mirror) and a liability in others (anything creature-based that can go around or through a few Servo tokens, e.g. Shops).

I'm not so convinced about the utility of the activated ability. What exactly are you copying from and to? Copying a tapped Time Vault onto an untapped artifact is game-winning. You can also net 1-2 mana by turning a Mox into something like Mana Vault, Mana Crypt, or Black Lotus. But these seem more like ancillary bonuses than strong reasons to play Saheeli in the first place.

@evouga You play her for the passive. The -2 is a bonus. But don't forget her tokens are artifacts so you can turn a Servo into a Mox to generate mana.

Cards are the summation of their text.

This is like when people argued JVP was unplayable because the +1 ability wasn't very good...


Although there is a delay since it would have summoning sickness. But still an important interaction.

Edit: This is wrong! You can tap immediately.

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I'm replying to the great excitement expressed above at the -2 ability. I never argued that Saheeli is unplayable.

@vaughnbros said in [WAR] Saheeli, Sublime Artificer:

This is better than Pyromancer since like Monastery Mentor this triggers on all non-creatures. On top of time vault, sensei's top, and any other shenanigans this can do with artifacts, this also can potentially give any of your creatures haste by turning a Mox into a copy of that creature.

The -2 absolutely has powerful implications including timevault and blightsteel haste, I think this is a given. The real question is if you are bothering to use these abilities at all in your list or if you would rather just use her as a token generation bot that needs to be dealt 5 damage to get off the table.

She is very different than pyromancer in my eyes because she wants to run 5 moxen, where a lot of pyro lists only run on-color options, and may require a different list all together instead of being a supplemental pyro plan. The fact that the dorks she makes are artifacts also makes cards like thoughtcast or even durdlely broodstar sillyness look a lot more attractive.

There is a very large part of my heart reserved for someone who makes a deck where this feeds Atog/Fling.

Honestly, I think the -2 is a big reason to play this card. If you aren't going to be using it then she's pretty mediocre. Any deck with a lot of artifacts and/or creatures can benefit a lot from the ability though. There is probably some super crazy powerful combo out there to use with that ability too.

This card and this set is going to spawn a whole new superfriends deck. You'll need nothing but lands, a few common vintage accelerants then 1-4 copies of this, the one-sided null rod walker, teferi time raveler, tinker & bot, dack, jace, dovin hand of control and some assortment of standard blue draw and counter magic.

I genuinely believe that this card will prove to be the best purely-blue finisher vintage has ever seen. I am amazed that this card is U/R and not UR or R

@Protoaddict It would just slot into PO probably.


  • Plays and recasts a bunch of noncreature spells

  • Often runs Time Vault, Divining Top, and Blightsteel incidentally

  • Can bounce permanents repeatedly to reset loyalty

  • Occasionally ran Sai which is very similar to this card

Sure, why not...

@zias said in [WAR] Saheeli, Sublime Artificer:


Although there is a delay since it would have summoning sickness. But still an important interaction

I don't think it works like that. If you transform a token into a Mox it ceases to be a creature and has no more sickness.


Yep, seems like I was wrong on that. A good reminder to read cards more carefully.

That part is fine, she is likely hot garbage in limited because there are very few artifacts and you dont play many non creature spells. Anything to keep the cost down is fine but she will still be a 20 dollar foil uncommon.

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