Massacre Girl
Legendary Creature - Human Assassin

When Massacre Girl enters the battlefield, each other creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn. Whenever a creature dies this turn, each creature other than Massacre Girl gets -1/-1 until end of turn.


I hate the name on this, but just LOVE the flavor. Might be useful in Modern and Legacy only. Noble, Thalia, Deathrite, Trygon in play? All die one by one. Love it. This is more a flavor post than anything 🙂

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I cannot WAIT to draft this or pull it at a pre-release for sealed. But I have to agree the name pretty much sucks. Its like they ran out of ideas and asked their 8 yr old kid to name the card.

It's a reference to Massacre Wurm, ya'll.


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This should kill Mentor and all of his tokens (assuming no response).

It may be a reference to massacre wurm, but the name still sucks.

And it won't kill mentor in vintage because it wont see play in vintage. 😉

name was given to the character back in RTR
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I mostly agree, but if people want a wrath, this is pretty nice version of the effect. It does interesting things against a Dredge, Shops, ect opponent too potentially killing everything (and whatever tokens may appear during the bloodletting).

You should post the picture since the illustration is pretty badass
alt text

@maximumcdawg said in Massacre Girl:


As far as wraths go she is actually kinds great.

Leaves a 4/4 menace behind
Can remove tokens and things generated by things dying
Human can make this uncounterable

I mean, vintage does not really need 5 mana wraths, but a format that did could be worse off.

Great 1 off to deal with wide strategies in 5C Humans that runs Karakas.

@guli it also wipes your board, so maybe not.

@maximumcdawg Her ability is.

The name isn't randomly terrible, it's the name of a character in the mythos who's identity is still a secret (not just to us but to Boros law enforcement).

An lol sideboard Oath monster for sure. I would not mind playing a somewhat derpy creature for fun.

At first look, getting a conditional damnation for one more mana is pretty bad. But, the body left is quite neat for tempo reasons (one usually get full tap when playing a wrath effect and opponent can rebuild first). Not vintage or legacy level but i will definitively try it for casual multi.

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