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A one sided double sphere that also does incremental damage would have been unheard of good in days past for Prison Shops. That deck is low to the ground enough now days that maybe it's not worth it but at the same time this seems like the kind of card you would want to pull from the sideboard with the new Karn, or maybe put in a deck that wants to run the Immortal sun but gets upset that it can only have 1 in play.

I noticed this too. Not sure it's going to fit in well with the way Ravager Shops is these days, but I'm wondering if more of a big mana shops/stax thing could work between this, new Karn, and maybe some other stuff from the past few years like Immortal Sun that hasn't quite found its home.

Wow. Another great Tinker target. Cool.

@fsecco Meh - if I'm tinkering, it's not for Sphere of Resistence x2. Tinker = win by next turn. I think a workshop/tomb/mox hand would love this though. I can see a smokestack/tangle style of shops trying this out over Staff of Nin or some other 6-drop.

@thewhitedragon69 I know. In my head I always go to a blue-brown Shops deck like Old School's toolbox but yeah. I mean, with this and the new Karn there's a chance there might be a good Stax build somewhere.

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