I have been thinking about what is a non-game ever since I listened to the last So Many Insane Plays podcast. I took a break from MTGO and started getting back into it this week and I thought I had an ok deck but I have just played what I consider to be non-games.

I hate the term fair deck but I have been playing grindy decks as of late and the experience has been very off putting to say the least. I went through a similar experience about a year ago except in paper.

I built and played several grindy blue decks and I just keep playing games where I just felt like skill was not a factor. I took notes and examined my play patterns and I could not see how skill even factored in.

I went to play PO and I had a lot of success. Looking at the game now I have to ask, “are there just more non-games now?”

I don’t have data to look at for any of this but it feels like there are more games where I either set up and win or my opponent just has hands that I cannot beat.

Shops and Dredge are easy targets and I do not want to attack specific decks but look at Vintage from the perspective that there will always be some non-games.

Vintage is a very powerful format with very powerful cards. If I play Ancestral Recall then Snapcaster my Ancestral Recall you are not going to win that game. I think the lines of play are just giving us more non-games and this is not good for the format.

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