To me, it needs to be compared to Bargain unless you have a big Tinker plan. If you do, then you need to decide how many targets you have for it, because having a Tinker target on top of your deck might stop you from winning right away with this.

For me, the question is, are you more likely to win on spot (or next turn max) with this or Bargain when you're are 10-15 life.

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@wagner I think this is a significant upgrade from bargain.

  1. It can be tinkered
  2. The spells are free so you can actually generate a black lotus AND a demonic tutor from a single Dark Petition. That is the key part that I think folks are missing.
  3. This card is exceedingly good with topdeck tutors and cards like Ponder, Sensei's Top, Fetches, and Brainstorm.

I think folks are grossly underestimating how much better this card is than Bargain on so many levels.


@fsecco i feel like you want more than 1 reservoir so you don't powder it away, but i guess that only matters if it's in the first 7 now.

@blindtherapy It's not my list, and probably just a test list, but I feel this can be something. Those 4 Lotuses ❤

I am currently testing this card on MTGO, and it's been fantastic so far! I'm not sure if I should call my deck Storm with Belcher, or Belcher with Storm, but it's both.

It's essentially a storm shell, with no Bargain, and 3-4 Bolas's Citadel. I'm currently using Land Grant, a singleton Bayou, and Tolarian Academy.

I can't post a list because it's been changing multiple times each day, but I will say that the deck (and Bolas's Citadel) have far exceeded my expectations, in every aspect.

FYI, a particularly powerful interaction with Bolas's Citadel is that between the Citadel, Mind's Desire, and the top deck tutors (Vampiric and Mystical). It enables you to win on a medium storm count (like a couple of rituals, into Citadel, into Tutor, into Desire) and means you don't have to warp your deck around Citadel much. Not to mention that the tutors help you find Tinker as well.

Been very impressed with the card so far in a DPS shell. The fail rate has been less than Bargain's and the ability to Tinker it up has been highly relevant. So yes, the card has felt better than Yawgmoth's Bargain in limited testing. Take that as you will.


Hey Chubby,

this card provides for so many interesting interactions between cards that perhaps a list is required.

  1. (as above) Mind's Desire let's you see 'between' the shuffles. Thus you shuffle, exile the top card, then unlike without Bolas' you look at the top card and can play it before the next storm resolves, as long as it is an instant/flash.

  2. A sensei's divining top in play means you can draw any unwanted cards from the top of the library for 1 life. So in theory every land or unplayable/wanted card is a -1 for the next one.

  3. Slow tutors (vampiric-, mystical- tutors and imperial seal) become a 'fast' tutor in certain circumstances.

Lastly, there is a lot of opportunity to brew a non-DPS list, such as Doomsday where a contemporary Doomsday stack could look like:

  1. Sensei in play + artifact
  2. Doomsday - 9life (or ...)
    *[stack: tinker, bolas', + 2 cards (preordain?) and lab man/new jace
  3. tinker for bolas
  4. preordain -1, lab man/jace -3/-4, preordain -1.

Win @ 4 life.

There are also many other options (gush, ancestral etc.)

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@nba84 said in [WAR] Bolas's Citadel:


Hey Chubby,

this card provides for so many interesting interactions between cards that perhaps a list is required.

  1. (as above) Mind's Desire let's you see 'between' the shuffles. Thus you shuffle, exile the top card, then unlike without Bolas' you look at the top card and can play it before the next storm resolves. So a play of 4 storm could look like, exile card (tendrils), look at top card (mox) play, look at top card (ritual) play, look at top card (something random) exile, etc.
    Can someone confirm that interaction?

Only instants. You have copy of the desire on the stack.

I tried it out in a pure UB Outcome build and it has been great so far. Divining Top is now even more central for the deck (I thought about adding the fourth copy), topdeck tutors became much stronger and Tinker is the go-to-card in the deck with Outcome and draw sevens as backup. Feels pretty consistant. Narset and Lavinia might be a reason to add red, but I don‘t see it absolutly needed as stuff like Chain of Vapor and Karakas might be enough and I really like the stable manabase.

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@nba84 Timing restrictions apply: you can only cast spells when you would normally be able to do so.

Tinkering for Bolas would shuffle your library for a Doomsday stack but it likely wouldn't matter.

You can basically run Bolas's Citadel in any broken PO, Doomsday, DPS, Welder, etc... list. The only real core is tutors, Tops, tinker and 1-2 Citadels. That said, you will be vulnerable to Lavinia and PO/anti-combo hate.

I've been using this as a four-of in its own shell with rituals, shops, Aetherflux Reservoir, tutors, some other artifact stuff, etc. I have yet to lose a game after resolving a Citadel. This card is absurd. Bargain doesn't even feel like the right point of comparison... this is like if Mind's Desire didn't even need a storm count and let you play as many cards as you want. It's an upgrade over Bargain the way Time Walk is an upgrade over Explore.

@craw_advantage I mean, in an ideal world we could just read the text on the card, see that this breaks two fundamental rules of Magic (life for both card draw and mana), contextualize that with the available synergies in the format (rituals, Tinker, Top, Tutors, etc...), and reach a conclusion that this card is busted.

But this is a TMD card evaluation thread, so we have to toss out comparisons that often just serve to obfuscate the card's function.


Feels pretty close to Future sight to me honestly, a very broken version of Future Sight, but still Future sight.

@vaughnbros Oh, you... 😛

I was thinking we could start with Precognition Field and work our way up.

I can't wait for this to be restricted now that people are enjoying it.

But in all seriousness, this card seems to emulate multiple powerful and restricted cards all put into one shell. It seems like if a deck running 4 of these gets any traction whatsoever it will get looked at.

Would this card prove good enough if it was a singleton?


The original effect gets the name!


Highly doubt they restrict this. Its great, but its also a 6 drop and best used as a tinker target.

I'm specing a couple of copies of Trash for Treasure just in case. I think this card has real legs in multiple formats, and I actually think TfT is a very overlooked card.

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