The Most Vintage Deck of them All

Was idly flipping through bulk cards at a GP and found this hidden gem...

Anyone want to help me work out what should go into what I can only imagine is the deck that would best reflect how others view our format:

Obscure Pretention Storm!!!! 😆

Obscure Pretention

(Apologies to any Francophones!)

Any good Dark Petition deck needs a win condition.

Tendrils of Agony with 'foil Japanese' written on them in marker

@Macdeath I think he was not being serious 😋 I think he meant to joke at what people would think a very stereotypical or satirical Vintage deck would look like. So you would maximize things like arrogance (as shown on the homophone above).

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@Macdeath @Rat3dE Absolutely not serious! Hence in Off-Topic. Just a pun! But it's funny to be me because when you talk about Vintage to some people, even in an amicable, proxy-friendly, enthusiastic way, they have a very odd idea that it's basically just us sitting across from each other and congratulating ourselves for owning rare and expensive cards. Obscure AND Pretentious.

@Brass-Man Absolutely. Those are some severely pimp Tendrils. Auto-Include.

@BandsWithOthers I find this post especially funny not only as a francophone, but also as someone who is well below the average Vintage player age. To me it is sad that there are so many misconceptions about this format, and when people at my LGS ask me what format I play and I respond Vintage, the look on their face is priceless! This is all the funnier because the community is so awesome and welcoming, and because most stores allow proxies, my Dredge deck cost less than most Standard decks.

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