On Sunday, April 14th, Eudo will be hosting an EW Trial where you can win a bye to EW!
On-site registration opens at 11 AM.
Registration at the door will be $30, save time and money by preregistering online.
Sanctioned -- No proxies allowed.
Competitive REL -- A decklist is required.
Swiss rounds with cut to Top 8.
100% prize payout in store credit.


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Less than two weeks left!

Roughly a week left, don't miss out!

Unfortunately, I will be in Europe for NoobCon.

I plan to be at Eudo to play.

@chronatog Awesome! I will try to figure out who you are and say hi.

Only 3 days left. Prepare your moxen!

Today is the big day! Come out and battle some of the Bay Area's most powerful wizards for a chance to win a bye and a playmat.

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