SCG Con - Power 9 Series 2019

That's right! It's back again for another year, the SCG Con P9 Series was announced at SCG Philly this weekend.

One notable thing about this year is that this year's event is only one day ( Swiss+Top 8 ) and that Top 8 competitors all get a bye to US Eternal Weekend's NA Vintage Champs 2019.

I am hopeful to be there myself again this year. Going to depend on some factors but will do my best.

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Nice, I was hoping they'd keep this going. Prize pool seems reasonable; given the price of power, I understand how they can't offer a full set.

(I won't be able to make this for a variety of reasons, but really enjoyed the last Power 9 and highly recommend it.)

Sounds like I’ll be there to Jeskai people out again.

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