Jason Chambers Vintage Invitational Qualifier

Second monthly qualifier for the Jason Chambers Vintage Invitational!

The Details
Date: March 24th
Time: Noon
Location: Cataclysm Games & Collectibles, 8289 Burden Rd, Machesney Park, IL 61115
Entry Fee: 20 Dollars (more info below)

Jason Chambers was one of the original members of team Rockford. He started playing Magic in 1994. He was a pillar of the magic community and the Boy Scouts of America. Jason loved playing magic and teaching new players how to play. He was a brewer and is known for his evil eye deck.

The rules for this event are as follows:

  1. The cost is $20 for the event. 50% of the entry goes towards prizes the day of the event and 50% goes towards prizes for the invitational.
  2. The winner receives an invite to the championship.
  3. You are allowed 15 free proxies, but can purchase more for $0.25 each additional proxy. this money will go towards prizes as well.
  4. Proxies must follow the guidelines listed on the google doc. https://rebrand.ly/vintage-proxie-9d9b7

Deck registration at 11AM Event starts at NOON

Prizes will be based on number of entries, and number of rounds will be based on participants.

We will cut to top 8 or top 4 after the Swiss depending on number of participants.

Questions please contact: Dave Luety. Email: luetyd@gmail.com Cell: (608)289-3734

Hope it went well! Looking forward to attending the next one 🙂

I'm writing the report right now. We only had 6, but I had 2 cancel due to illness myself and they had 4 that couldn't show. These will continue to grow.

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