Want a tourney deck that is not budget, but not full power

I have been sitting on a lot of my power now for some time and I came to the realization that they have appreciated to much in value for me to not do anything with them and risk having them get stole or damage or whatever. I really do not like playing blue but I also like playing thinking I have a viable tourney deck that can actually win.

What I would like to do is sell my off color moxen, ancestral, and Timewalk and try and put together a list that can still use lotus and a mox or 2 to correct effect, but would not be underpowered as a result of not having the other power. Full disclosure I just had kids so the money from the sale of the cards is likely going towards diapers.

Here is my criteria for a list

  • Non blue except for maybe pitch stuff/MM
  • Only uses a Lotus and up to 2 moxen but that is the optimal setup for the list
  • No Bazaar, library, or tabernacle
  • Ideally does not have any unwinnable matches, Punchers chance in any game
  • Has future growth potential with new releases

I'm trying to figure out what list this is. I keep looking at mono red blood moon lists as all that list seems to want to run is lotus and ruby, but what are some other options? Dredge is out because I sold my Bazaars to get the power some years ago. I seem to remember there being a decent mono black deck when I started playing the format but that was ages ago now, and I have no idea what Eldrazi looks like right now but it feels like they would be sub optimal as long as workshops is a thing.

I await your recos!

Why not sell of all the power, buy Bazaars, and just have Pitch Dredge together?

Short answer is I have it for legacy and didnt want to criss cross, but it is a consideration to be sure. I started vintage with Dredge and I'm not in love with how autopilot some of the matches are, and I don't like how it can literally drop to a tier 3 deck depending on how people decide to sideboard in the meta. Splash hate for Survival and possible Phoenix builds literally drop dredge percentages more than I like.

As much as the London Mulligan is going to give it a percent or 2 boost to hit bazaar every game, I actually suspect it will help other decks hate it out even more. It not only helps decks find leyline and Relic/cage faster, the reduced hand size can actually be a huge boon to a deck like Blood Moon who can get hellbent easier for ensnaring bridge.

Some type of White, GW, or Junk Hatebears comes to mind. Otherwise Moon Stompy (which you mentioned) sounds right.

Jund is a decent answer. @ChubbyRain has a good list.

Jund is a good answer. I think Jet/Ruby/Emerald might actually be better than Lotus + any 2 moxes.

You could also do 2 moxes and one spirit guide if you really wanted a lotus. Spirit guide isn't terrible since you play null rod and (my list has) chalice.

Mono red blood moon only plays Black Lotus and Mox Ruby

Yea right now I think I'm going to build out blood moon. I will likely wait for the new set to see if there are any red walkers worth thinking about over Chandra. Anyone know any compelling lists?

i was tinkering around with different lists. i found sulfur elemental to be one of the best sideboard cards. Karn Silver Golem to be total dogshit. And you want to play all 8 rabblemasters

Sulfur elemental was a mainstay in 4 mentor land, but anymore, i don't know if it is worth the slot, can you talk more about wanting that as a sideboard card?

I imagine Sulfur elemental is good against mono white humans since the deck is mostly plains and turning off Cavern of souls does not matter a lick to the deck since you are not countering anything.

Also is a really good way to deal with MM, since the tokens will die on creation.

I'm surprised the rabblemasters are good still. I would have thought the deck still wants to hide behind ensnaring bridge and win off a chandra.

Forgive me if you've covered this in another thread, but I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Workshops? Surely if you're optimizing for wins, 4 Mishra's Workshop is going to get you further than 1 Black Lotus in a Jund deck? I think the Jund deck is promising and fun, and I think there are lots of decks you could build without blue power ... but a plain old Workshop deck has a decades-long record of success. Jund and any other deck in this thread just don't have the track record ... and if turns out that decks like Hatebears or GW or Jund are great right now, those are heavily metagame-centric decks that rapidly shift in power level every few months, where some form of Workshop deck has been top tier for literally 20 years.

I'm bad with prices but a quick look on MTGGoldfish suggests you should be able to cover the price of 4 Workshops with just the blue power and a single mox. If instead you sell the blue power and the Lotus, you'll not only end up with a dramatically better deck, but possibly more cash on hand.

If you just want to be able to say you own a Lotus, or you want to sit on it for #mtgfinance, or you just don't enjoy playing Workshops, then forget everything I said ... but I felt like the obvious answer went unstated.

Personally not a huge fan of playing meta decks, and workshops is still too much concentration of wealth for my tastes. Playing something that can win any match, is not specifically blown out by anything, and is something that gains edges from new releases interests me.

Were shops restricted I would pour my attention into some sort of eldrazi prison deck, because I like the idea of intentionally playing something that wants no power and no power lands and does things that are very strange when you consider the format, but shops eats that decks space right now so moon is way more interesting to me.

Ad Nauseam Tendrils.
Instead of off color moxen, it utilizes the Chrome and Opal variety.
Just a thought.

Put me in the mono-red moon camp. For just needing lotus and ruby that deck can be a monster.

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