Deal Me In Games March 10, 2019 results

13 people showed up at Deal Me In Games in the heart of downtown Boyertown, Pa today to do battle. No clear winner was decided as Chuck Greb and Stephen Harvey smashed their way thru the top 8, the top 4 then decided to split the finals. Congratulations to Chuck and Stephen both for great days at the tables.

Our top 8 was:
Greg Hoover vs Chuck Greb Chuck took it 2-1
Dean Harris vs Ryan McKinney Ryan wins 2-1
Zach Dobbin vs Joe Brennan Joe wins 2-0
Stephen Harvey vs Stephen Ganter Stephen H wins 2-0

In the top 4 we had:
Stephen Harvey defeat Joe Brennan 2-0
Chuck Greb defeat Ryan McKinney 2-0

In the finals:
Stephen Harvey and Chuck Greb split

Top 8 decklists will be posted by Jason a bit later. But to the best of my knowledge:
Greg Hoover - Ravager shops
Dean Harris - Dark Depths
Zach Dobbins - Dredge
Stephen Harvey - delver/pyro
Chuck Greb - some creative delver monstrosity
Ryan McKinney - Titan Oath
Joe Brennan -
Stephen Ganter - esper control

We had a pretty diverse meta with 13 players and at least 9 distinctly different decks.

2 shops - 1 ravager, 1 blue shops
1 white eldrazi
2 oath variants
2 PO decks
2 delver decks
1 one-card monte comb
1 dark depths
1? dredge
1 chuck greb

Thank you all who came out today. And we will see everybody next the second sunday of April for our next tournament. That is Sunday, April 14!
Invitational standings in the next post.

Our invitational standings are getting exciting. Greg Hoover narrowly holds onto the #1 seed for the second month in a row, holding off a charging Ryan McKinney by 1 point. Dan Barkon, who missed this event, is still in the top 8 and tied for 6th/7th/8th place with Evan Hunterdmark and Joe Brennan.
Dean Harris and Jason Beaupre are 1 event away from muscling into the mix.
Nic DiJohn, Stephen Ganter and Ryan Glackin are making a good push with their point totals to stay within striking distance.
Stephen Harvey, though he is 12 points out of the top 8 has only been to 1 event. A few more showings like that and he's in.

1 Hoover Greg 43
2 McKinney Ryan 42
3 Greb Chuck 39
4 Dobbin Zach 38
5 Barkon Joshua 34
6 Barkon Dan 30
7 Hunterdmark Evan 30
8 Brennan Joe 30

Ryan can't help but reach out and cop a feel of Joe's cards.

Dean ponders the awesomeness that is his alters and wonders if this is enough on its own to take down Evan.

Some of Dean's alters

No idea how to get these right side up.

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