Vintage 101: The Class of 2019

I think you should speak about Spanish Vintage players. They won all European vintage championships.

They don't play MOL, but they are really good players.

@nsammael Absolutely! Everyone is amazing in all they do. There was no way I was ever going to be completely exhaustive with such a community focused article, I was always going to probably forget something. Of course those players receive mad props for their wins. 🙂

Ehh... That is not criticism. I like your articles a lot.

That was only a suggestion to complete the picture.

Excellent decision to include the Lhurgoyfs.

@stuart Of course! You guys were really great to me at SCG Con. I will never forget that ever. 🙂

Man I need to start playing the format again so I can see my name in articles and inflate my own ego.

Nice job Joe! You are the only regular vintage columnist these days. Keep up the good work and carry the torch!

@nsammael I agree with this. It's not even a criticism, this is an excellent look at the NA (+Snapcardster) community. I'd love to see follow-up articles about the other scenes worldwide, although obviously the research for those would be a bit more challenging.

BTW @volrathxp: I have no idea how you crank out so many high-quality articles as fast as you do, but thanks and great work. 🙂

Pph. More like Team Spurious.

@craw_advantage @nsammael I would appreciate ANY and all info that anyone could pass to me on these scenes obviously for the research purposes of this.

@Smmenen That really means a lot coming from you. I hope we have further chances this year to meet up again. 🙂

@craw_advantage I'm a writer by trade, so it mostly comes naturally to me. I usually have a week to week idea of what's going on with my article outside of any major things going on in the community. VSL going on has helped quite a bit in that regards, but I've been trying to do more with deck technology and I would love to do more interviews with Vintage community folks. I enjoy that Matt / Justin's interview article was really well received and I would love to do more with that in the future.

Also hint hint, I do have a Patreon that helps kind of keep me up on keeping this kind of content as well as my YT channel stuff. It's linked from my Twitter.

Sorry for the late responses it has been a crazy busy month, getting ready to play in a Team Constructed Open in Cincy here next week in the Legacy seat.

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