New to Dredge - Alternative to Pitch/Loam?

[edit] I guess I should have made it clear in the below text that just because I don't own a card, doesnt mean I can't or won't aquire it. Please do not let this presumption prevent you from assisting me in my quest to my first playable dredge deck!

Hello all, My name is Mark and I started Vintage in 2013 thanks to the community on this website who lent a hand in getting me started by inviting to playtest and then join their car ride to Eternal Weekend that same year. I've been playing magic since Elementary school, some 14+ years now and i've played tried most of the different archetypes. As a result, something off the wall and as crazy as Dredge has interested me since day 1 of my Vintage life.

Two days ago, I finally managed to get my Bazaar playset and I sat down to start brewing. It suddenly struck me that all i had to work with was faint memories of how the deck looked in 2013, with my mind unable to let go of the idea of playing with Unmask. So, as Google is your best friend, I asked it: "What does Vintage 2019 look like?" and all results pointed to Pitch Dredge.

I love Force of Will but my 2013 memories did not want to settle on that card. I am here today with a decklist and a few questions, looking for as much insight from as many people as possible. I want to build dredge without Force of Will and I am curious about some other card choices. Let's begin with the decklist I currently have on display on my desk:

4x Bazaar
2x Dakmoor Salvage
1x Flame-Kin Zealot
1x Elesh Norn
4x Hollow One
3x Ichorid
4x Cabal Therapy
4x Ravenous Trap
2x Dread Return
1x Mindbrak Trap
3x Unmask
1x Gitaxian Probe
4x Serum Powder
4x GGT
2x Golgari Thug
4x Stinkweed Imp
4x Prized Amalgam
4x Narcomoeba
4x Bridge from Below
4x Bloodghast

Some initial pointers:

  • I only own 3 Unmask. The Mindbreak replaced the 4th
  • Ravenous Trap replaces Leyline again cause I don't own Leyline
  • Git Probe is cool, but I dont know how necessary
  • Bloodghast seems like its only here because of Dakmoor, which maybe needs to be cut.

Some questions (Please feel free to comment with your own personal or tested opinions):

  1. If I cut Bloodghast and Dakmoor, I would likely put Mental Misstep. Is 4x really required in todays meta?
  2. Can this deck compete without FoW in todays meta?
  3. Am i wrong in thinking that the following cards can/should be cut: bloodghast, git probe, dakmoor salvage

What im really interested in:
I would love to find a way to play with 1x Mishra's workshop. I am worried that a one of is not sufficient to include in the deck and that running a trinisphere and thorn along with it defeat the purpose of dread return and cabal therapy.

Please let me know what you think and if im forgetting any information, or you feel like this post is lacking something, please let me know that as well and i will adjust.

Happy Slinging!

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You're very heavy on self-reanimation creatures.
It's rare to see anything approaching the full 16

The sideboard is pretty important for a Dredge deck, and not mentioning it makes me wonder what you are even trying to do. What is the goal of this decklist? You have the outline of a Pitch Dredge deck, but seem to have cut the Force of Wills for Bloodghasts.

It sounds like you are on a pretty restrictive budget if the 4th Unmask is breaking the bank (a $4 card). So I'm not sure how much input can be given if we are restricted to only playing cards worth less than that.

Ravenous Trap is also pretty bad. I would just not play GY hate rather than have it in my 75 for Dredge.

If you want to play with Mishra's workshop in dredge you can give a look at Erin Campbell deck from VSL or Zias deck in mtgo leagues.

There is only one 5-0 league result so the deck may not be very good. And probably you need 4x Mishra's workshop to play with it correctly.

@vaughnbros The sideboard was something to work on later, there are so many different directions to go in and at the moment no one in my city plays Vintage so the only people i play are friends that i lend decks to, and we dont use SB since they are casual.

also, "It sounds like you are on a pretty restrictive budget if the 4th Unmask is breaking the bank (a $4 card). So I'm not sure how much input can be given if we are restricted to only playing cards worth less than that."

I didnt claim that i cant buy another or cant afford one. i dont see what the purpose of this comment was.. I am looking for suggestions on a deck not criticms on potential financial situations. I can and will buy the 4th unmask but as i wrote, since 2013 i only just got my Bazaars two days ago. Now im trying to build a list and that will mean buying more cards. So no need to worry about what is or is not breaking my bank and more so on helping someone out. I only wrote a list of what i currently own.

@cuikui yeah thats exactly what inspired the idea! Unfortunately i only own one MWS that i am eager to use somehow and was curious if it can be squeezed into a dredge deck.

Its totally fine if it cant work as a 1-of, its a little cheeky i suppose.

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