3/16/2019 M:TG Proxy Vintage - Team Serious Open at POP Shop (Sandusky, OH)

Team Serious, M:TG, Vintage Open:

• Date: Saturday, March 16, 2019.
• Registration Time: 11:00 a.m.
• Start Time: 12:00 noon.
• Location & POC: The POP Shop, 3104 Milan Road, Sandusky, Ohio 44870, Telephone, 419-621-1127.
• Entry Fee: $20.
• Format: Non DCI Sanctioned, Vintage.
• Prizes: Every paid entry will receive a promotional card. All entry fees collected will be paid as cash prizes. Top 4 playoff if 8 to 15 players. Top 8 playoff if 16 or more players.
• Notes: Team Serious is hosting this Vintage tournament in conjunction with The Pop Shop. If you need to car pool to Sandusky, please post your needs on our Facebook Event page and we'll find someone whom you can travel with. To save time, consider typing or writing up your deck list before arriving.
• Playtest cards will be permitted. There are THREE ways of making Playtest cards: 1) Using Basic Land: The first and most basic is taking a basic land card and writing the details of the card on it. 2) Altering an existing card: PREFERRED! The second method is to use a card that shares some of the characteristics with the card that you want to make as a Playtest Card and remove any characteristics that do not match, replacing them with the correct characteristics. Methods for doing this can be found on Youtube.com. 3) Printed Slips: the third is to print out all 75 cards, and slip the cuts sheets of paper into each sleeve. If you do this, every card must be printed on the same type of paper and have a basic land backing.

See you there! BAOM!

Bumps! Right now I'm good to go but I'm still tentative. Anyone else making it out?

We've got two coming from Columbus! (If anyone else wants a ride from that area, let me know.)

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