So i bought a piece a little while back and just got around to framing it. I was going to share it on the Facebook group sometime soon, but then the shiny new TMD came along and figured this would be a good way to christen it.

Then, when uploading the new picture I realized I had taken a picture of it when I first got it, and thought it could be fun to see how others would have framed it. I'm not sure if anyone else will think this is an interesting exercise, but it's worth a shot.

So here it is: Meishin the Mind Cage from Saviors of Kamigawa by Thomas Gianni.

Meishin the Mind Cage

Beautiful piece and interesting thought exercise.

If I were framing this piece, I would go with a darker matting to complement the brain matter and a dark wood frame. Not black, but perhaps a dark brown.

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