So, there is an Assassin's Trophy single card discussion already, but I think this thought/discussion deserves a separate thread.

As noted in the AT thread, a direct comparison isn't exactly right because AT is better for a broad spectrum answer whereas AD is better as an uncounterable answer to a critical set of cards (oath, TV, cage, etc.). However, I'd like to know which is better as a main deck card given the current state of vintage. Assume a moderately fast kill with a medium amount of counter/discard magic. The main decks at the moment seem to be:

Shops (aggro - prison is dead)
Pyro/Mentor/Delver (aka Xerox)
Eldrazi (barely in the meta)

Am I missing anything? Given these as the main players, FoW is in about 50% of these decks. Decks with FoW tend to have oath, mentor, pyromancer, TV, dack, and things costing 3>. They also have Library and Jace at times. Decks without FoW have bazaar or workshop and threats that cost 4<, such as hollow one, gurmag, golem, VV, Karn.

Let's assume you face FoW decks 50% of all matches. You want to run 2-4 main deck decays or trophies (not a split). Which do you pick and why?