Changelog 2/5/2019 - Bug Fixes, Dark Skin, Style upgrades

Skins / Dark-Theme

The last update broke some site functionality for users who were selecting non-default skins for the site. While I don't have the wide variety of skins available previously, I was able to fix the bugs and add a Dark theme. It should be a little easier on the eyes for storm players who like reading TMD late at night in a dark room. If you were unfamiliar with this functionality, now's a perfect time to check it out!

When logged in, click on your user icon in the upper right of the page, and select "Settings." Select Default or Dark from the "Select a Skin" dropdown, and hit the Save button on the bottom of the screen (you may have to scroll down).

If you were previously using a skin and have been running into issues, make sure to go to the page and save your selection - even if you just want to use the default skin, this should clear out any issues you're having with old cached skins.

CSS fixes and upgrades

I fixes a few display bugs that were bothering me, but also added some stylish upgrades to make your posts a bit prettier. If you're not already using Markdown syntax in your posts, here's a quick refresher on how to make your TMD posts extra pretty:

# title


## heading


### subheading


**bold** _italics_ _**bold italics**_

bold italics bold italics

[⁣[Brass Man]⁣]
Brass Man

2 By Force
3 Swords to Plowshares
1 Plains

# Greatest Deck
## 1st Place, imaginary tournament
4 Brass Man
4 Brass Herald
4 Brass Secretary
4 Brass-Talon Chimera
4 Brassclaw Orcs
4 Brass's Bounty
4 City of Brass
32 Island
15 Relentless Rats

Greatest Deck

1st Place, Imaginary Tournament

Have fun with it.

@Brass-Man That is pretty cool. Thank you!

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