Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month and you know what that means.................Groundhogs day!!!! And Vintage.
To celebrate this joyous occasion come on in and play some vintage (Also if you want to jam some old school bring that too) I will be giving prizes to anybody who wears a top hat as well.

Where: Gaming etc Superstore
531 Main St Acton, Massachusetts
When: February 2, 2019
Round 1 begins at 12:00 pm
Entry: $25
Format: Vintage with Swiss rounds. Cut to top 4, top 8, or swiss +1 based on attendance and the preference of the players.
Prizes: 100% of entry fees will be given out as store credit.

Unsanctioned, 15 proxies maximum.

Unfortunately will have to miss this one. Should be there in March, though.

Late notice of course, but can anyone coming in from Boston get me a ride there? 🙂

Does Gaming ect have any special rules on what you can use as proxies? I'm thinking about coming down next month.

@marine-biomancer Not particularly. I think the only kind that wouldn't be allowed would be printouts slotted in front of a card since it noticeably changes the thickness of the card, but otherwise as long as it's legible you should be fine.

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