Is anyone enjoying this new meta?

@13nova nah, the format's variance is actually the attractive thing about it (just like Commander). It becomes a format of reading the table/moment and making the best play you can based on that. It's much more a format of good plays/players than good matchups (the usual Modern rock-papers-scissors meta). It makes for very different games everytime you play. One of the things that bum me out of other formats is exactly that: you play 5-7 games of a certain matchup and from there all games are the same - which gets boring quite fast. High variance formats take a long while to feel that the games are the same.

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That stops both Misstep and Force of Will (at a mana disadvantage). I still don't understand your point.

Because the Red Blast could actually f'ing resolve without your opponent laughing and chucking a skillstep in their graveyard. And that deck with the blasts wouldn't have to pack 3.8 missteps to misstep the misstep. How hard is this honestly?

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