Which deck for unpowered prize

If I go to a major sanctioned tournament I'm going for the unpowered prize. I'm looking at two decks. The deck that took the unpowered prize at EW last year (Dragon Stompy) or a burn list similar to the one that did well recently ( https://images.lonestarlhurgoyfs.com/2019/01/13/deck-4.jpg ) -but with Light up the stage as the main draw.

Any opinons ideas or thoughts on which to build?

I'm not fishing for a list but ideas are fine.

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@john-cox I would try either a Lavinia Humans deck or a Colorless Eldrazi deck

@John-Cox You could just try to port a Legacy deck over without power, and change up some meta-cards and sideboard cards for others.

@rat3de I agree with this. Legacy Delver could probably get ported over to a reasonable unpowered Vintage deck fairly easily.

Last saturday, a budget Eldrazi won the LCV tournament, with 28 participants:

Top 16, courtesy of Roger Riera

Not a bad result for a budget deck. I have to say that his draws were insane for most of the tournament, I faced him in the Top-8. I got T1 lotus land mox painter preordain grindstone, only to face double dismember. In the second he had pithing, null rod, cavern for thought knot and then double wasteland. Pretty brutal for a bad hand as he said.

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