I want to come back to this topic and discuss how to approach brewing a deck.

I want to build a Karn deck so I focused on the card Karn. I will say that I looked at 3 possibilities. First, a shop deck that helps push constructs. Second, a Paradoxical Outcome variant that bounces Karn and pushes fast constructs. Third, a planeswalker deck that plays a mix of planeswalkers to take control of the board.

None of these approaches are net new but all require a lot of time and thought. What is the best approach to get help here? I own all of the card on paper but I do not own them on MTGO. Do I buy in on MTGO to try this out even though it will probably fail? I am all about try and fail and try again but this is really hard to do in a bubble.

What is the best way to engage others and get people interested?