Changelog 1/21/2019 - Complete UI Redesign, Deck Categories

And we're live with pretty massive UI changes.

Topics bucketed by archetype

Vintage Strategy isn't just Vintage Strategy anymore, I've split things up into subgroups based on broad archetypes, the goal here is for players brand new to vintage to be able to quickly find information.

News items and topic thumbnails

Thumbnails for topics have been enabled. In the composer you use to write or edit topics, there's a button on the right with the tooltip "Add thumbnail". This lets you upload a square-shaped image. When your topic appears in a list, that image will be displayed rather than your user icon. This is particularly nice-looking for items in the News subboard, which will now appear on the front page with big fancy icons. I believe this will be the image used when a thread is linked to off-site, but I'm not sure if that works yet.

Decks to Beat

The home page is going to feature a list of decks labelled "Decks to Beat". These are links to particular threads, and at some point I'll want to establish a consistent format for threads that are "deck-to-beat" eligible, to make it easy for new players to navigate ... and a separate consistent format for stickies in the archetype categories as well.


This is a massive change so some UI may be broken, please let me know. If you previously used the "Dark" theme for the site, this won't work anymore, but fixing that is on the backlog.

I haven't been able to go through the entire backlog of threads yet (to move 4 year old workshop threads to the workshop board) but I expect to get to that eventually. Absolutely feel free to use the "report this thread" feature to mark a thread that's in the wrong section, whether I put it there or someone else put it in the wrong category by accident.

I fully expect there to be discussion or disagreement about where to draw the lines for the Archetype categories, which threads/decks belong in which group, and of course, which decks count as "Decks to Beat." I welcome your feedback, feel free to start threads in Meta or Community as appropriate.

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Looks like there are some weird formatting issues for people who were using custom themes before. Some of them seem to be resolved by logging out and back in again. I'll be implementing a full Dark theme eventually, which should resolve all the issues, but if anything is unusably broken in the meantime, please let me know

I like how the News Category is layed out on the Home Page, but with that feature there, do we need a "News" Segment up there with Strategy, Community and Tournaments?

Nice new design.

However the font size of quotes is mush bigger that the normal text, I find it perturbing. Is it possible to have quotes at the same size ?

Looks good for a content site but it's kinda confusing for a forum. I guess maybe I'll get used to it.

change is bad!!
The good thing about change, though, is once we get used to it, its the new norm. It IS a drastic overhaul, but I'm working thru the changes and getting used to where things are and used to the new stuff. Give me a few more days and this will familiar and comfortable for me.

@thecravenone said in Changelog 1/21/2019 - Complete UI Redesign, Deck Categories:

Looks good for a content site but it's kinda confusing for a forum. I guess maybe I'll get used to it.

Yeah, I guess I got kind of sick of running a forum with no content.


@brass-man I will say this. It feels less embarrassing to have to site open in public. Looks like I am on Word Press 🙂

I plan on generating more content but I like the feedback from the community and that has been down a bit over the past few months. Hopefully it picks up again as the larger events start in April/May.

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Great job on the new look and formating. Reminds me of the oldTMD but better.

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