Platinum players complain, WotC immediately listens and responds

@gkraigher While this isn't directed exactly at you, let's set a few things straight. I've listened to forum posters and podcasters toss around words like "WotC promised" Pros money, and they "earned" it. I'm also hearing people say the Pros now get to return to business as usual. Neither of these suggestions are true.

  1. The Pros were never guaranteed anything. Take a look at the Pro Players Club policy statement:

Wizards of the Coast LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify any and all prize or award structures, and to substitute any prize or award for another prize or award in its sole discretion.

In other words, nothing was ever promised or earned. Instead, a small handfull of people who enjoy Magic made a calculated bet that WotC would not be changing the program anytime soon, so they dedicated a year to grinding in the hopes of being able to participate in gifts from WotC next year. But, make no mistake, it was just a bet about what WotC might do. They assumed the risk that their work would not pay off -- or they didn't bother to read the Policy.

  1. At the moment, the Pro player gifts have only been reinstated for one year.

Platinum appearance fees will remain unchanged for the 2016-2017 season. This means that any Pro player who earns or has already earned Platinum status during the 2015-2016 season will receive all applicable appearance fees during the 2016-2017 season.

Read together with the prior announcement, this means that the program is still ending, just not until the end of the 2017 season. WotC is promising to think of new ways to improve the Pro experience in the same article, but never rescinds the general ending of the Pro gift program currently in place.

I get annoyed when people muddle those two points because it distracts from the true nature of what's going on. WotC decided it needed to grow personalities on the Pro Tour so spectators were more interested, and they offered reward system to incentivize that. A few high-profile people took advantage of this reward system and made financial bets on it staying in place.

WotC removed it, which was a negative result for those people. The public at large (not just the few pros affected) thought this was mean of WotC or worried about the consequences, and complained. WotC relented and re-established benefits to ensure those who bet on them during 2016 wouldn't have struggled in vain.

All in all, WotC did a kind thing for a small handful of people and showed it does listen to player feedback. These are all great things, and I think it's a good result. But, please, don't muddle the mixture with mis-information. 😞

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@MaximumCDawg It's just interesting. It speaks to the power that the pros really have comparative to other groups in the magic community. Get the pros on your side, Wizards will follow.

That's not fair. It was not just the Pros that complained about this decision. Perhaps it is more accurate for you to say that Pros have a very powerful pulpit on which to shift popular opinion among players, but make no mistake. the player base who knew about the change was generally unhappy with it.

Also, you forget that WotC listens to smaller groups, too. Remember when they tried to issue errata to Reconnaissance? A few people complained, many from this board, and they reacted.

WotC has lots of different groups to try to keep happy - well, at least happy enough to keep buying their product. They try their best. Just because sometimes they do what "the Pros" want does not mean they are in charge or that your voice is not heard.

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So my question becomes how loud do we need to get in order to abolish the reserved list?

@Soly Smashing down mailboxes level?

I guess we really only need a single thread on The Mana Drain anymore. We could title it: "Everything Is The Reserve List: The Thread."

@Soly said:

So my question becomes how loud do we need to get in order to abolish the reserved list?

From the last derail:

@MaximumCDawg said:

(1) Wizards has made and repeatedly doubled-down on a public promise that has encouraged people to rely upon it and spend money. If they went back on that promise now, the company loses public confidence and risks running afoul of promissory estoppel and state trade laws. The fact that the judges are suing, to the extent it's relevant at all, suggest that WotC's fears are justified: people WILL sue them and WILL bring class actions if they are sufficiently angry with WotC policy and WotC exposes itself.

(2) Wizards has no financial incentive to break their promise. Sure, they make money off of reprinting Black Lotus. They also make the same money reprinting Tarmagoyf. Or Duress. There's no reason to risk a lawsuit to make the same money they were making anyway.

(3) Wizards has already implemented two solutions to the Reserve List, and no one gives them credit for it. First, they made Modern, so that at least prospectively this won't be a problem anymore. The more cards they print, the more Modern looks like Legacy or even, yeah, Vintage. Second, they have been aggressively printing new cards that compete with the functions of Vintage cards (look at the diversity in countermagic and creatures in Vintage now compared to 2010). There's room to grow into cards that compete with Duals and Power, but they're working on it. Give them some credit.

This concludes your visit to The Reserve List, off Exit B4 from The Freak'n Point.

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for the record, there's a neat little feature on the software - "Reply as Topic". There's a dropdown arrow next to the reply button which gives you that option. (I know it's not very obvious). If you're going to be posting in a thread that is not about the reserved list, or a restriction, or counterfeits - and one of those words is in your post, STRONGLY consider using Reply as Topic instead of responding inline. I don't mind people who are passionate about topics, and sometimes there is a reasonable link between them, but it's tough to have new conversations when every thread ends up about the same subjects over and over again

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