Three tournaments one article. Post B&R Workshops.

i'm curious about null rod/stony silence and how badly it affects the decks you wrote about, how winable are matches with a null rod in play?

@Juggernaut-GO So these decks are susceptible to stony silence and null rod. The way these decks deal with stony and null rod is just by playing the threats out. You still have a ton more creatures then most decks have answers. So once you know your opponent is on those cards you can adjust your mulligan strategy and your general play. It is a critical blow but games are most certainly winnable. Also the current metagame does not dictate that anyone play those cards at the moment so we will see how it continues to grow and evolve.

The article is well-written and I enjoyed reading it. It's interesting to see the various shops decks and how they do in the current meta.

Speaking to the point about null rod, the Martello deck seems a bit more resilient against null rod than either of the ravager variants. That said, all of the decks are hindered (in varying degrees) by null rod.

In the MTGO meta, there are null rods aplenty.

@ApolloGod Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I agree that the forgemaster list is far more resilient but after a significant amount of play time with ravager based shops decks it comes down to the mulligans to be able to beat most null rod decks to be honest.

Great report, Will. I appreciate your insight, decision making, card choices, etc.

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