Looking back on Vintage 2018 - Romancing the Stones 2018 Vintage Metagame Report

Written by @Stuart :

Over the course of our 2018 season, we’ve posted every decklist after each event. In addition, I’ve been logging the decks in a spreadsheet, which I’ve occasionally shared chunks of to give players an idea of what the meta looks like. Now that the season’s finished, I wanted to share a more thorough analysis of what decks got played, and how they performed.

Before we go any further, I should clarify: I am not a statistician! While everything I’ve laid out here is pretty basic, readers still might consider taking any of my analysis or conclusions with a grain of salt. If you’re a skeptic, however, the basic breakdown of percentages is absolutely accurate, so you can at least use what I’ve presented to draw your own conclusions.

I hope that our players find some value in what I’ve put together, and that it informs their choices this coming season. After a year of running events, I feel that the Austin Vintage scene has grown more sophisticated and more competitive. Given that increase in skill and familiarity with the format, I expect that the players who will perform best in the 2019 season are those who can interpret the field and prepare for it. Hopefully, these numbers help them do just that.

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My favorite part of this is that I top 4'd both times I played 2CM so Stu felt the need to count 2CM separate from Misc Combo

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