Deal Me In Games Dec 9, 2018 Report

Welcome to our final report of the 2018 Calendar year and final event in the Deal Me In Games 2018 Invitational series. I'd like to congratulate Nick DiJohn for taking down the event last Sunday at Deal Me In Games, defeating Josh Barkon in the finals. We had an intense top 8 that included: Joe Brennan, Josh Barkon, Nick DiJohn, Chris Roepke, Evan Hunterdmark, Zach Dobbin and Dean Harris and Jose Ortiz.
The quarter finals saw Dean Harris, Joe Brennan, Josh Barkon and Nick Dijohn advance to the semis
The semis saw Nick and Josh advance to duke it out for the store champion of December.

Our top 8 decks were:
Nick DiJohn - Remora Outcome
Josh Barkon - Ravager Shops
Dean Harris - UR Delver
Joe Brennan - PO Xerox
Evan Hunterdmark - Ravager Shops
Zach Dobbin - Null Shops
Chris Roepke - PO Xerox
Jose Ortiz - Ravager Shops

In all we had 12 players with the following meta breakdown:
Workshops 4 (4 in top 8 )
1 null rod
3 ravager shops

Combo 3(0 made top 8 )
1 2 card monte
1 Bomberman
1 splintertwin

1 aggro control (1 made top 8 )
1 UR Delver

2 PO Decks (1 made top 8 )
2 PO Vault/Key decks

2 Xerox decks (2 made top 8 )
2 xerox jeskai control decks

Unique, interesting and rarely played cards:
1 narset the transcedent
4 Deceiver exarch (1 deck)
4 splinter twin (1 deck)
3 mystic remora (1 deck)
1 spell pierce
1 enlightened tutor
1 smash to smithereens
1 meltdown
3 thoughtseize (1 deck)
4 leyline of the void (1 deck)
3 helm of obedience (1 deck)
1 voltaic servant
1 transmute artifact
1 razormane masticore (sideboard)
2 traxos, scourge of kroog
1 propaganda
4 karn, scion of urza (2 decks)

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Nick DiJohns 1st place decklist

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Finally I would like to congratulate our top 7 (slash 8, slash 9) in the final standings for our invitational event. The invitational is a year long ranking. Each round you play at deal me in games earns you points. 3 for a win, 2 for a tie, 1 for a loss. At the end the year the top 8 point earners get invited to a special invitational tournament to be held before the first tournament in January. This year, the first tournament in January will be Sunday January 13 at noon. This means the invitational will be Sunday January 13th - time to be determined, but tentatively at 10am.

We have the top 7 decided with Greg Hoover and Leon Anton tied for 8th place. Leon and Greg will have a 1 match play off for the final spot the day of the invitational. The winner will take 8th place, the loser will take a seat and watch everybody else. If there are any no shows from the top 8, we will fill in from there with 9th, 10th, etc.

Your top 8 (slash 9) are:

  1. Dan Miller 138
  2. Zach Dobbin 124
  3. Dan Barkon 116
  4. Nick DiJohn 107
  5. Joe Brennan 105
  6. Josh Barkon 97
  7. Dean Harris 96
  8. Leon Anton 89
  9. Greg Hoover 89

The invitational will start with traditional top 8 pairings so in the quarter finals:
1 Dan Miller plays 8 Winner of Anton/Hoover
2 Zach Dobbin play 7 Dean Harris
3 Dan Barkon plays 6 Josh Barkon
4 Nick DiJohn plays 5 Joe Brennan

If there are any no-shows, we just slide everybody up 1 in the standings and adjust accordingly.

I'd like to thank everybody who came out to support Jason at Deal Me In Games this year as he presented a fantastic Vintage environment for us all to enjoy. In all we had 54 unique players in the series in 2018. Hopefully in 2019 we can see each and everyone of you again and then some. Full standings for the invitational are below.

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