So I'm going to be doing a mailbag style article at the end of the month! I would like to get together any questions you fine folks might want to ask for such a thing, and of course as always, any spicy decklists you guys might want to throw my way. I'll feature all of them and more!

Bump, would really like to get some questions together for this article, otherwise gotta do something else 🙂

@volrathxp can you be more specific? What kind of questions do you want? I guess this won't be an AMA, right?

@volrathxp I think it is tough because you are relatively new, so we do not have a sense of what to ask you quite yet.

@rat3de Doesn't have to be explicitly asking about me or anything, but I feel you. If it doesn't pan out, I'll do something else 🙂

@volrathxp I wonder if you'd have more luck soliciting questions on the general-interest MTG forums. A lot of people here are very very knowledgeable about Vintage already, so if someone here has a question they probably just ask it here. The article might shape up a bit better if you take questions from people who mostly (or even entirely) play other formats, but who have gotten curious about Vintage either because they read your articles or because of EW or whatever.

Might not be a bad idea to answer questions about how Vintage differs from other formats. Like what goes into vintage mulligan decisions compared to modern or standard. How does the narrow set of archetypes confine deck building decisions?

Questions like that definitely could help shed a light for non-vintage players on our format. In fact feel free to use those questions.

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