What is everyone's profession?

Hardware / Electronics Engineer (R&D)

I work in the administrative offices of an urban school district, coordinating expulsions, purchasing and such, in school to get the last credits I need to take the CPA exams.

I financed power over the last year by making deep cuts, a little bit of debt financing, and some friends that gave me deals

I build decks.

As in, I am an Exterior Carpenter, quite literally a deck builder. I routinely make magic related jokes at work, which no one understands, and often make building trade references when discussing cards, which is also usually lost in the noise. But it amuses me endlessly.

I'm a full time tattoo artist...it's pretty awesome 🙂

I'm a Clinical Research Associate, which to most people means nothing. Basically I monitor Clinical Trials (pharmaceuticals) to ensure they are run safe, effectively, and within FDA regulations.

I'm running a retail store selling wall paint, wallpapers & floors.
So i always hear i should play painter ;D

I work in the marketing department for a party supply company.

Software developer working on healthcare software.

Professional Government Leech. I scam the system to rake in a good living through food stamps, welfare, medicaid, and various other "assistance" programs 🙂

I am a scientist. I work for MIT and I study computer security and privacy. You can read a bunch of my research papers online if you like.

UX researcher & accessibility consultant. Basically a software R&D job where I help make our products accessible for people with disabilities (low vision, blindness, limited dexterity, etc.). Before that I was in public sector research on education and disability, and taught a grad class on the topic.

I try not to spend an exorbitant amount on Magic, and I judge often so that helps supplement. Judging has paid for probably half of my legacy and vintage collection. The rest came from trading, or boosting whatever credit I acquire a events to buy something nice. I think I paid $80 total when I bought my Lotus and Walk. The rest came from banked credit with SCG (who is very good to their staff, btw).

I went to University in Halifax for three years for Psychology and Contemporary Studies(fancy way of saying 'newer' philosophy) before seeing the writing on the wall for the Canadian Economy. I withdrew after my third year to take Heavy Equipment operating as a trade. Just finished a two year stint at that and I'm now trying to improve on my PTQ 2nd place finish that I put up before the new structure of ptqq/rptq before returning to school.

I am a Service Center Tech, I keep a call center in Dallas running.

I am an attorney with the California Energy Commission, a state agency with various responsibilities relating to energy and efficiency policy, including regulating the efficiency of appliances and buildings, permitting power plants, providing grants for RD&D, etc. I'm a jack of all trades around here, but basically I try to make things more defensible and suck less. For several years, I served as a policy advisor for one of our Commissioners.

I build weapons of crass destruction

Graduate Research Assistant, also known as an indentured servant.

Going to start looking for real employment again after I defend my dissertation proposal.

Full time Advanced Placement English teacher, most of the time baseball coach, part time writer.

Lead Revenue Cycle Systems Analyst for NYU Langone Medical Center, which is to say I manage a team of analysts that maintains the hospitals billing system to maximize both Insurance & Patient Payments. Healthcare IT 4Life.

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