What is everyone's profession?

I figure this would be sort of a fun topic. We all know vintage is expensive so we all must have some way to fund our very expensive hobby. What is everyone's profession? I know there are a lot of lawyers here. For me, i'm in medicine.

Computer Game Designer here 🙂

I work in a fast food joint.
Most of my mtg loot was obtained before I considered it expensive. Nowadays I trade/sell what I have for new cards. Mostly buy/sell on eBay to scratch the itch.
Just today, I traded away type2 bulk rares and uncommons for 12 BFZ packs and the first two packs I crack are a Prairie Stream and a Scalding Tarn Expedition. I'm considering just selling or trading away the other 10 packs. Not sure yet.

I am a political science special researcher (in Finland which means state employed and kind of low pay). I only play vintage on Mtgo, could never afford it otherwise.

Mechanical Designer Engineer here. I started magic because I bought a shoes box for less than 100$ (years and years ego) with somethings like 8-10 dual lands. From there, I just fall into Legacy, and more recently into Vintage after a very good deal for a Black Lotus, Ancestrall Recall and Mox Saphire. I'm currently acquiring the rest of the power by selling some cards, mainly "Foil staple" that I lucky got from boosters 😉

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Professor. I do research on computer graphics (physical simulation and geometry processing in particular: think cloth and hair special effects, algorithms for scanning people in 3D using a Kinect, etc).

Computer engineer here. Currently working for a big pharma enterprise, in the diagnostics machines department.

Not rich by any means, but got my power when it was half the price and I don't have kids or other costly expenses.

Software localization Project manager.

Doctoral student in Biostatistics. I fund my hobby with lots of thank yous.

Former Math and Computer Science high school teacher, now Software Developer.

Implementation Consultant for GE.

Also, contemplating going back to Bouncing on the side for some extra cash. I stopped after getting knifed in 2009.

Studied Mechanical Engineering. Currently a Design Engineer for Honda.

Registered Nurse. 6 years infectious disease, 1.5 years HIV research, now in home care.

I use to be a hoist operator. Now joining the Navy.

Software developer for a company that analyzes electrical utility systems.

CEO of an Investment Company here.

@Soly said:

Also, contemplating going back to Bouncing on the side for some extra cash. I stopped after getting knifed in 2009.

Ouch. Do bouncers wear bullet-proof vest or simular?

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