So where does paper Vintage still exist?

When I lived in Boston there was weekly Vintage at Pandemonium, but apparently that's no longer happening. In Austin we have events every 6 weeks, plus irregular testing meetups, but nothing weekly. And in talking to opponents at Champs, very few of them seemed to have regular Vintage available to them.

Which got me wondering: what parts of the country (or world) have paper Vintage on a monthly-or-better basis?

There's still monthly Vintage in the Boston area at Gamingetc in Acton. I think that's the only regular Boston area Vintage now that Scholars has closed, sadly.

The New York to Philadelphia corridor still sees a fair amount of regular Vintage.

There's a monthly Vintage FNM at The Comic Book Depot on Long Island, in addition to a bigger monthly event there (the last one was a Tundra/Taiga tournament that fired at 16 players last Saturday).

The Bearded Dragon runs a monthly power tournament, I believe.

Top Deck Games runs monthly Vintage as well.

There are other stores in Pennsylvania that run events as well.

Monthly at Eudo in Berkeley

@Smmenen Will you be going this month?


We have a monthly Catalan Vintage League (LCV) in Barcelona with an attendance of 25 players nowadays.

Joe Brennan from NJ, interviewed at EW NA 2016, said something along the lines of having each weekend at least one or two 1ks at 2h driving distance tops.
We have two monthly leagues in Italy with 20ish players.
Despite that, situation is really dire in Europe, especially regarding bigger events.

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I think the RtS events are THE main Vintage scene in TX (maybe Dallas/Houston has something). I recommend we do more events. I'd drive up every 3rd week of a month for example. Every 3 weeks is better than every 6 imo, but I know setting up the venue requires time and planning.

In Lyon (France) we are playing on a monthly basis since one year and an half. Attendance is very small so far but slowly increasing, we hope for 8-10 people for our next meeting.

Cheers everyone!

@thewhitedragon69 I'd like to do them more frequently. However, my concern is that if we run events more than once every ~6 weeks, we'll see decreased engagement and turnout. On our current schedule, I think people get excited for our events, as they're a special tournament to look forward to. (That, and as the guy responsible for a lot of the logistics, I'm just not really able to commit to anything more than what we currently do ☺ ).

I'd love to do one every 6 weeks in SA, but as the only Vintage player left that I know about, I'd depend on all out-of-towners to hit any reasonable number of players 😞

Mox Boarding House Bellevue (part of Card Kingdom) does Vintage FNM once a month.

We got 20 the first time, like 14 the next, and pretty much ever since about 8. I've played in all of them since late spring. I wish they would do twice a month, or once a month at both store locations so we could play every 2 weeks.

If we are counting non-sanctioned vintage, i also get some people to play with me with some frequency with proxies.

@log said in So where does paper Vintage still exist?:

Joe Brennan from NJ, interviewed at EW NA 2016, said something along the lines of having each weekend at least one or two 1ks at 2h driving distance tops.

I specifically remember this too, can't forget it. Nowadays, i have a family, so if i move from the west coast of usa, it would be to be near my parents 2k miles away, not to the northeast, also 2k miles away. But a younger self would have moved out there so i can get weekly Vintage lol.

Monthly at Knight-Ware in Studio City /Los Angekes area (3rd Sunday of each month with July being a sanctioned event)

Monthly at Deal Me In Games in Boyertown, Pa (South eastern). We did used to have monthly every weekend w/ 2 hours of NY/NJ/PA tri-state area but some of the stores were getting double booked by other stores wanting to jump in and a handful of them saw attendance drop to the point where it wasn't sustainable for them. I dont think we have it every single weekend now, but still in any given month could easily see 2-3 weekends filled with paper vintage.

We had a good thing going in Metro Detroit, but the attendance at RIW Hobbies has died down since Shaman Ben has turned his attention to Old School. I am hoping that we can revive it again soon.

This correlates to my post about Old School killing paper Vintage. The older crowd wants more Old School and the younger crowd is not super into Vintage in paper. Some will play it, when it is available but they do not seek it out.

I plan on attending more events in Ohio once my son is old enough for me venture out again. The Team Serious scene is very strong and they get a decent turnout.

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What's the schedule like on the events over there. After the weather clears I'd be game for the road trip for Vintage.

Madness Comics and Games in Denton, TX has proxu vintage about every quarter (usually the week after set release). They also ran 4 EW vintage trials last season.

@winterstar Where are you at? If you're anywhere near Olympia i'd love to drag you towards there for some casual games.

Their schedule, as far as i can tell, is just 1 Friday a month they run a Vintage FNM event. December won't have one, and January's is the 11th. Starts at 7pm.

@aeonsovarius I'm over in Spokane. I used to run a vintage league out here, but school and work began to destroy my free time.

@moorebrother1 New Shaman Ben Event at RIW is posted for the 13th. Same day as TSO in Sandusky, but good news for the RIW crew! Not sure there is a TMD thread, but this is the FB event: @Shaman-Ben

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