Deal Me In Games 2018 Invitational Series Sunday Dec 9th!!`

Welcome to Winter 2018 everybody. Its time to announce the next event in our 2018 VINTAGE INVITATIONAL series.

Deal Me In Games next event will be SUNDAY Dec 9, 2018 starting at noon.
Come do battle against some of the best Vintage players in the world all here in Boyertown, Pa. This is a 15 proxy event, so bring your best Vintage deck and get ready to do battle.

Also keep in mind this is the final event of 2018 which means points tallied after Sunday December 9th will be the FINAL STANDINGS for our invitational. This is even more exciting than the 2017 finale as we have 7 people competing for the final 3 spots. Going into the event, 3 (Leon Anton, Dean Harris and Greg Hoover) are tied for 6th, 7th and 8th. Josh Barkon is a mere 2 points out of the top 8, Jason Beaupre is very much alive being only 4 points out and Sahaj Viradia is still in pretty serious contention with only a 7 point deficit to makeup and Stephen Ganter is still alive but has a 9 point mountain to climb.
To make it even more interesting, Nick Dijohn is only in 5th place by 5 points and Joe Brennan is holding onto 4th by 9 points. While a decent showing by either pretty much locks them into the top 8, an invite for either is not necessarily a lock.

Here is the relevant standings going in:
1 Dan Miller 138
2 Dan Barkon 116
3 Zach Dobbin 111
4 Joe Brennan 89
5 Nick DiJohn 85
6 Leon Anton 80
6 Dean Harris 80
6 Greg Hoover 80
9 Josh Barkon 78
10 Jason Beaupre 78
11 Sahaj Viradia 73
12 Stephen Ganter 71

Jason at Deal Me In Games

15 playtest T1 tournament

127 East Philadelphia Ave
Boyertown, PA 19512
ph#: 484-415-0058

Sunday, Nov 11 at 12 Noon

So we can get together and have fun playing Magic the Gathering in its best format ever for some kickass prizes. ***

Entry Fee: $35 at the door with 100% going to prize support.
$30 per person will go towards the prize structure for that day's event. $5 per person will go towards prizes for our annual top 8 point totals. That's right, we are bringing back the Deal Me In Standings for 2018. At the end of 2018 the 8 players who have accrued the most points will get an invite to special closed event with a MISHRA'S WORKSHOP AND UNDERGROUND SEA for 1st and 2nd. 3rd-8th prizes yet to be announced. If you want an example of whats in store for 2018 just take a look at the prize support for 2017's top 8 championships that included 2 unlimited Underground Seas, 1 Unlimited Tundra and 1 Unlimited Bayou.

Come to compete for your chance at the invitational, but more importantly, come to compete on Sunday December 9th in particular for your chance to bring down this monthly store event.

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Here is the complete year to date standings:


  • 2
  • 1520