9 February - Bologna, Italy - 4 Seasons Winter

After my previous post about the need of a Vintage Series in EU to fill MKM void, having talked with players and TOs, the first stop featuring our beloved format is out.

ARCI Benassi
Viale Sergio Cavina 4
40139, Bologna, Italy

Details can be found on website and facebook and event.
Everything I already said still stands: 4-stops circuit at its second complete run with quite the big Legacy on Sunday, held in the easily reachable Bologna.
Feel free to ask for any logistic help, I will be at Nebraska's War and so will the TOs (they're Legacy specialists). I will update with further information as soon as avaliable.

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Tournament details have been added, prizes will soon be announced and there is also wonderful news.
Finally in EU we're having what US has been enjoying for ages: the tournament will allow 15 PROXIES (playtest cards), hopefully our clueless WotC won't give TO any trouble.
Guidelines will be posted soon, but expect something along the NYSE lines.

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