Original Iridescent Angel (ODY) Art

So this is a big undertaking, but I want to find and buy the original art for Iridescent Angel from Odyssey.

Right now I only have one lead. Matt Cavotta seems to remember selling it to Mike Guptil, the tournament organizer for the Odyssey Prerelease. I came here first, but I will be reaching out to every digital venue I can to reach this Mike Guptil. If anyone happens to know Mike, or to be the current owner of Iridescent Angel, please let me know who/how to contact.

Background: Me and my brother started playing Magic: the Gathering in the early 2000's. we never really learned how to play. I don't think either of us had ever heard of priority, let alone putting damage on the stack. we stopped playing sometime during Kamigawa block, But I came back in high school for Avacyn Restored and I have been hooked ever since.

Back in those days my brother and I reveled in opening packs and the first rare we opened was Iridescent Angel. we never got it to work in our 2 decks, but not for lack of trying. Looking back my Brother thinks of that card more fondly than any other memories he has of MtG. Over Thanksgiving Iridescent Angel came up in conversation and I realize how much of my life now I owe to my brother buying that first pack for us. It has become a passion for world building, an outlet for being competitive, and the closest group of friends in my life.

I want to give my brother a present that represents all that. He may have grown away from it, but for me it has become an incomparable piece of who I am. I still have the Iridescent Angel we opened all those years ago, and the perfect thing to frame it next to would be the Original art. My first thought was that this would be a Christmas present, until I started drafting the email to Matt Cavotta for a lead. The card and art were made more than 15 years ago. This may take a few years, but I absolutely need to find this piece.

I appreciate every pair of eyes on this as well as any positive thoughts you can send my way.


You can find Mike on Facebook, though I think that may be the end of your hunt. Mike has a phenomenal collection, and hasn't moved art, to my knowledge. Good luck.

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@prospero On another note, super jealous of the original Empyrial Armor art you've got. One of my all-time favorite cards

@yayjinaz I was very lucky to be able to pick that one up. A friend made it possible.

There's a ridiculous backstory to that too, where it was supposed to trade hands on a bullet train in Japan, but the potential buyer didn't show, and the (then) owner decided to hold on to it for a while longer.

Nice Vette! I had a 76' back in the day.

@prospero Thanks! My dad and I bought it together earlier this year, 1970 454 numbers matching and we're working to restore it slowly.

What did you have to pay for the Empyrial Armor art if you don't mind sharing?

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