Dec 1: Live Stream/Paper: Romancing The Stones Year-End Invitational

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    Alright, it’s what we’ve been building to all season: the Invitational! Our 8 invitees (the winners of each of this year’s 8 events) will be battling over 5 rounds for the title of Season 1 Champion.

    If you’re in the Austin area, please come hang out, drink beers, jam games, and root for your favorite invitees! However, we will also be streaming this event on Twitch!!! We’ll post a link here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

    Location: Barracuda (611 E 7th St)
    Start Time: 11:00 Central Standard Time
    Payout: 1st place wins a Tropical Island and a year’s worth of bragging rights
    Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
    Proxy rules: Unlike previous events, we’re requiring full-size, color, etc. They need to look good.
    Decklists: We will collecting decklists a week before the event, then releasing them to the invitees the morning of.

  • Awesome!



    Sam Craven (me) and Mike O'Malley will reveal this weekend's decklists and discuss expectations for the tournament,

    Join us!

  • Can't wait to play Saturday!!! Tomorrow we get to see if my deck choice was all wrong...

  • All decklists have now been posted! Check them out [here]! We'll see y'all Saturday!

  • Reminder: we'll be streaming the Romancing The Stones Invitational Championship tomorrow at 11 CST! If you need some Vintage to liven up your Saturday, come check out the stream tomorrow:

    (If you're local, come hang out at Barracuda! We'll have beer, tables to play on, and invitees who want spectators.)

  • Thanks everyone who tuned in for the stream today! More importantly . . . CHEERS TO BRYAN HOCKEY, who took it down in an insane 5-0 run on PO! Congrats to the Season 1 National Vintage Champ of Texas.

    We’ll have the stream chopped up and posted shorty ☺