14-15 December - Lucca, Italy - Nebraska's War 6

Posting, since for some reason the TO @nebraskaswar hasn't done it yet and the news has been out for quite some time.
This is at the moment the only event left in Europe with both Eternal formats, with attendance higher than EW EU, at least comparing most recent Legacy.

Lucca Fiere e Congressi Spa
Via della Chiesa XXXII, 237 (Traversa I)
55100, Lucca (LU) - Italy

Details have been added daily and can be found on website, facebook or event.

I'll just add a couple of clarifications: there will be TWO Vintage events, I managed to have the TO give us the Saturday slot this year for the main one (Super Vintage on the schedule) and most of its detail are already out, let's show them some attendance in return.

The other one (Vintage All Stars on the schedule) has the prize structure yet to be announced, but the idea is to have a premium "High Stakes, High Rewards" event for the dieahard players, with high registration fee, most likely 100 euros, that will inevitably result in a smaller attendance, top heavy prizes and sort of a trophy for the winner.

Feel free to ask for any logistic help, especially if you plan to go to Florence before or after, Joe Brennan and friends from overseas will be visiting me again, so you're definitely in for some tough competition.

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Yes, both events.
Sadly in Europe we can't have proxy tournaments like in the US. (yet)

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