Vintage 101 - Tricks are for Kids


Good article. I might have mentioned the interaction with pyroblast and Dack's ultimate to steal any permanent, since you already mentioned pyro. Otherwise, a pretty complete list of tricks. I do like the block with Jace Vryns prodigy and then activate to flip before lethal damage would kill him trick, but realistically flip Jace doesn't see much play.

The one thing I missed in the article and I don't know if was mentioned in the topic is the interaction between oath and cage/priest, and I've done that a lot when I used to play the deck (what I mean is... it's pretty relevant!). With cage, you can activate it to fuel delve spells AND to tutor for your creature. As cage doesn't allow it to enter the battlefield, it stays on the top of your library and will be your draw for the turn. In the inferno titan version I did that a lot. With priest, the creature is exiled, but your GY will be filled with cards that can be used (flashback and delve).

@gutocmtt that's a great mention. Something we can go into more detail in an Oath specific article tbh.

The article came together really well! Nice job @volrathxp

This ended up as a nice article, well done! Also nice to get a mention, although my current build already looks slightly different (mainly due to the recent rise of Survival).

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@stuart Thanks! I am pretty happy with how it came out as well.

@Griselbrother that's fine, at some point you can always send me an updated list for a future article 🙂

That's a great topic. Another good "trick" is blocking with JVP, and then flipping it in response, just to suck up damage.

And one of my favorite "tips" and "tricks" articles of all time, has more good ones:

@smmenen I'll take a look at that one, thanks!

Love the new 'Vintage 101' under your guidance, very well-written too - great work!

@the_unseen Thanks! I greatly appreciate that. 🙂

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