Deal Me In Games Nov 11th results

Another month, another tournament down. We have 15 people vying for king of Boyerstown in November and for what I believe is the first time in 2018, that king is not named Dan! Congratulations to Chuck Grebe for winning the whole shebang by taking out Joe Brennan in the finals last Sunday.

Quarter finals:
(1) Chuck Grebe Defeats (8)Jason Beaupre
(7) Joe Brennan defeats (2) Stephen Ganter
(6) Warren Bubb defeats (3) Zach Dobbin
(5) Sahaj Viradia defeats (6) Nicholas DiJohn

Semi Finals
Chuck Grebe defeats Sahaj Viradia
Joe Brenna defeats Warren Bubb

Chuck Grebe defeats Joe Brennan

The winning deck list from Chuck is:


So we currently have a top 8 of:

  1. Dan Miller 138
  2. Dan Barkon 116
  3. Zach Dobbin 111
  4. Joe Brennan 89
  5. Nicholas Dijohn 85
    6-8 Leon Anton, Dean Harris, Greg Hoover 80

However, there is 1 event left and the following are knocking on the door, looking to get in:

  1. Josh Barkon 78
  2. Jason Beaupre 76

and we have a few looking in the window trying to see if they can squeeze in:

  1. Sahaj Viradia 73
  2. Stephen Ganter 71

So while the top 3 are pretty much assured of their spot (if not their rank) and 4th and 5th are close to a sure thing, its still not settled out. We have 7 people legitimately fighting for 3 slots in December. (tentatively dec 9)

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metagame breakdown coming soon

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